We help healthcare providers measure and improve patient satisfaction.

Improve results and revenue

In the new age of healthcare, results and payments are being influenced by patient perceptions of the services received. Government, insurers, and patients are generating data that impacts you and we are here to help you control it.

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Easy to use, high value solution

Dramatically increase the amount of patient feedback without adding servers, software, or extra staff. Our automatic analysis of multiple languages alerts you to patient sentiment as well as specific issues that need to improve.

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Use our trusted Big Data methodology

We make Big Data easy to use for your practice, clinic, or hospital. You do not need to hire a data scientist to develop a system to track and measure patient feedback for monthly reports for management – we’ve done it for you.

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Metriq Labs helps you understand your patients

Metriq Labs helps you uncover what your patients think about your care after they leave your office through:    
  • Patient Satisfaction Score based on publicly available data and direct feedback systems or mechanisms.
  • Operational Insights & Trends that clearly describe the top 3 actionable improvements mentioned by your patients
  • Capture Patient Feedback in English, Spanish, and other languages to increase feedback volume and correlate results with services

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started